Yamagata Airport

Travel Info

■Sakurambo Higashine Onsen
Hotel → Sakurambo Higashine Onsen (10 min. by taxi) You can take a day-trip to this hot springs.
■Cherry-picking farms (in greenhouses)
Hotel → Cherry-picking farms (greenhouses) 10-15 minutes by taxi. There are many farms in the area where you can enjoy cherry-picking.
■Lake Pia Shiromizu
Hotel → Lake Pia Shiromizu (dam) 30 min. by taxi. This recreational spot consists of large and small 7 areas for various activities, such as a campground where you can hold a barbecue party or Yamagata’s famous “imoni-kai (outdoor stewing party),” “the constellation park,” an area around the flood control basin, an observatory, athletic grounds, and a multi-purpose area near the mountain stream (for camping, etc.).
■Higashine Asobia Land
Hotel → Asobia Land 10 min. by taxi. A large-scale athletic facility where children can enjoy activities such as jumping on trampolines and splashing water while surrounded by nature.
■Araki Soba
Hotel → Sakurambo-higashine Station → Murayama Station (via JR Ou Main Line, 5 min.) → Araki Soba (15 min. by taxi)
Established in 1920, this traditional soba restaurant has been chosen as one of “1,000 Remarkable Restaurants” by French-government accredited restaurant ranking indicator “LA LISTE.”
■Tendo City Shogi (Japanese chess) Museum
Hotel → Sakurambo-higashine Station → Tendo Station (via JR Ou Main Line, 5 min.) → Shogi Museum (adjacent to the station)
Tendo City is known as the top manufacturer of shogi (Japanese chess) pieces in Japan. Exhibits include artifacts related to the origins of shogi and its introduction to Japan, shogi pieces from around the world, the manufacturing process of shogi pieces, and shogi pieces by artisans.
■Zao Onsen Ski Resort
Hotel → Yamagata Airport (10 min. by taxi) → Zao Onsen Ski Resort (Yamagata Airport Shuttle Bus, 60 min.)
■Kaminoyama Castle
Hotel → Sakurambo-higashine Station → Kaminoyama-onsen Station (via JR Ou Main Line, 60 min.) → Kaminoyama Castle (3 min. by taxi)
Kaminoyama Castle was once the stage for epic battles with the Date clan and Uesugi clan of the Yonezawa Domain. Currently, the castle serves as a local history museum which displays a wide array of exhibits including video displays.
■Wineries in Yamagata
Hotel → Sakurambo-higashine Station → Kaminoyama-onsen Station (via JR Ou Main Line, 60 min.) → Takeda Winery (5 min. by taxi)